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A8 Airport Shuttle

Give us an opportunity to serve you for your Honolulu Airport Shuttle and transportation needs. Our Yelp Reviews will show precisely the level of service you can expect. Just call us today to make your reservation – quickly & easily. We appreciate  your business. Thank you.

You pay the low flat rate of just  $35 for your  taxi shuttle service from Honolulu Airport to any Waikiki hotels. Call us now to book your transport quickly & easily:

Toll Free 1-800-387-1831

(U.S. & Canada)

We provide you with Non-Stop, No-Share rides, No Baggage Charges, with On-Time & Friendly Service.

Your designated English speaking driver with an air-conditioned vehicle is waiting for you as soon as your flight has landed.

NOTE: Prices are per vehicle for 1-4 people, if you have more than 4 please call for details


Welcome to Honolulu, well known for it’s tropical beauty and wonderful weather. There are usually two kinds of transportation from Honolulu International Airport to Waikiki hotels – Typical airport shuttle or Regular taxi.


First, if you use a Non-Reservation Shuttle, the charge is usually $14.55 dollars per person, but you’ll have to share the ride with other passengers. Your approximate wait time is 15 minutes to 30 minutes. These shuttles will not leave the Honolulu Airport until every single seat is filled.  Not to mention if you’re the last one to be dropped off, that’ll take an additional 30 minutes or even ONE hour. Maybe even longer during rush hours.

PLEASE also remember that the regular non-appointment Honolulu Airport Shuttle charges you per person and for an extra piece of baggage. You’re probably so exhausted after a long journey, I’m sure you don’t want to spend another hour and a half just to get to the hotel. Right?

Second, The regular Honolulu Airport taxi fares are between $38-$48 dollars by Taxi meters to take you into Waikiki (during off peak hours). The ride’ll cost you another five to ten dollars more during peak hours, and that’s only if the taxi driver is taking the shortest direct route from Honolulu Airport to your destination.

It’s legitimate for the Honolulu airport taxi driver to charge $.50 per carry-on and $4.50 per extra heavy or bulky item. I’m sure you’ve experienced some of the taxis with no air-conditioning, filthy interiors and on top of that the drivers don’t even speak English.


Our taxi shuttle provides Non-Stop Service straight to your destination. No waiting at the Honolulu airport. And we charge you a Flat Rate, no hidden fees like tax or luggage charges. After a long journey you don’t need those hassles.

If you’re looking for a comfortable ride and friendly service please contact us now.

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